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Ultrasonic Therapy Unit is designed to generate Ultrasonic energy in continuous or pulsed form to produce THERMAL, MECHANICAL & CHEMICAL effects in tissues thus, promoting recovery and reducing pain with following features.


  • LCD display
  • Light Weight, easily transportable
  • Light weight ultrasound head applicator
  • Adjustable treatment timer and intensity (0.1 to 3.5 W/cm?2;)
  • User can adjust any mode as per individual requirement 

Specifications :

  • Input Voltage:  220V/50Hz
  • Ultrasound Frequency: 1MHz
  • Treatment Time : 0 - 99minute
  • Mode of Operations : Continuous and Pulsed
  • Ultrasound Power Desnity - 3.5Watt/cm2
  • Pulse Duration - 1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is ultrasonic therapy?

A: Ultrasonic Therapy is a type of physical therapy that uses high-frequency sound waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions and promote tissue healing.

Q: What are the benefits of Ultrasonic Therapy?

A: Ultrasonic Therapy can provide thermal, mechanical, and chemical effects on tissues, which can lead to pain reduction, improved blood flow, faster healing, and increased tissue flexibility.

Q: How does the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD work?

A: The Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD generates ultrasonic energy at a frequency of 1MHz in either continuous or pulsed mode. The user can adjust the treatment timer and intensity, and choose from different pulse duration ratios.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD?

A: The Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD requires an input voltage of 220V/50Hz and produces an ultrasound power density of 3.5W/cm2. The treatment time can be adjusted from 0 to 99 minutes, and the unit offers both continuous and pulsed mode of operations.

Q: Is the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD portable?

A: Yes, the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, with a light-weight ultrasound head applicator.

Q: Can the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD be customized for individual needs?

A: Yes, the Medansh ULTRASONIC LCD offers adjustable treatment timer and intensity settings, as well as different pulse duration ratios, so that the user can customize the treatment mode according to their individual requirement.

Value product for home visits / domestic application

High quality LCD display provides ease of operation

Sturdy equipment

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameMedansh
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityC-75, 1st Floor, DDA Sheds, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi - 110020
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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