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Medansh Auto Mode 4 Channel TENS Machine and Ultrasonic Combo

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TENS Machine
Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of low frequency electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain thus helping in the rehabilitation program.

Ultrasonic Machine
Ultrasonic Therapy Unit is designed to generate Ultrasonic energy in continuous or pulsed form to produce THERMAL, MECHANICAL & CHEMICAL effects in tissues thus, promoting recovery and reducing pain. Ultrasound therapy is also known to relax your tissues, break down scar tissue and increase your blood flow around the affected area. An increased blood flow can help reduce swelling and heal fractured bones.

Medansh Auto Mode 4 Channel TENS Machine and Ultrasonic Combo FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the TENS machine and the ultrasonic machine?

A: The TENS machine uses low frequency electric current to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes, while the ultrasonic machine uses ultrasound waves to generate thermal, mechanical and chemical effects in tissues for pain reduction and recovery.

Q: Can the combo machine be used for pain relief?

A: Yes, both the TENS and ultrasonic functions of the combo machine can be used for pain relief.

Q: How many channels does the TENS machine have?

A: The TENS machine in this combo has 4 channels.

Q: Can the combo machine be used for muscle building?

A: The TENS function of the combo machine can help improve muscle endurance and size, but it is not intended for muscle building purposes.

Q: Is the ultrasonic therapy safe for all types of injuries?

A: Ultrasonic therapy is generally safe, but it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if it is appropriate for your specific injury.

Q: Can the combo machine be used for edema reduction?

A: Yes, the TENS function of the combo machine can be used for edema reduction.

Q: What is the frequency range for the TENS function?

A: The TENS function has a frequency range of 2Hz to 150Hz.

Q: How many electrodes are included in the package?

A: The package includes 8 TENS electrodes.

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