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Dr Odin Manual Breast Pump with Lid BPA Free- 150Ml

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As exciting as it might sound, having a baby can be very overwhelming. A new mother experiences a lot of inevitable changes in her mental and physical state of being after delivering her child. Along with these changes, new mothers also have to take up many new jobs and responsibilities which only she can do best. These responsibilities can turn out to be problematic and issues regarding various things can come up. One such problem which most new mothers face is breastfeeding. The best solution to this problem is the Manual Breast Pump. It accelerates better milk production and stimulates more supply, collects milk for a premature baby who cannot suck milk from breasts, helps in relaxing the pressure of engorged breasts and much more.

Product Description :

The manual breast pump is a device with very less weight, which helps lactating mothers easily extract milk from their breasts. It causes no pain during suction. The mother can use this device with ease and comfort because of its light weight. It also has a two phase design, which helps in silent and discreet pumping. It is very easy to assemble, clean and sterilize. It comes along with a unique system of milk storage.

Key Features :

  • Weight –The manual breast pump is a device which can be used with comfort and ease due to its lightweight, it does not act as an added burden on the user.
  • Easy to use -The manual breast pump is easy to use and also comes with a descriptive manual which indicates all the processes involved using the pump.
  • Design –Many times mothers don’t want or feel uncomfortable in letting people know about the usage of a breast pump. This breast pump has a two phase design which helps in silent and discreet pumping.
  • Safe usage – The manual breast pump is very easy to assemble, clean and sterilize. It does not cause any harm to the mother or child.
  • Accelerates pumping –Many new mothers face a lot of trouble in pumping milk. Many newborn babies fail to latch onto the breast to suck milk, which causes insufficient feeding. The manual breast pump helps in accelerating the pumping of milk in all such cases. Mothers can easily use it to increase the amount of milk being pumped.
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameDr Odin
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityIndustrial Area Phase 2, Mohali - 140308
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginPRC (China)

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