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Electric Magnet Acupuncture Pain Relief Massage Pen

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Your Daily Massage Therapy!

The solution to unnecessary stress and muscle pain in the palm of your hand - The electric meridians acupuncture massage penhelps in diagnosis and activation of stressed body cells and effectively improves blood circulation. This easy-to-use product can be used for daily body care and can be used multiple times. Use this after a long day’s work or on a self-care holiday to cope with stressful irritability, waist or back pain, insomnia or to treat tensed muscles.

Product Description:

The acupuncture pen is a revolutionary pain relief device inspired by the concept of Chinese medicine. It generates low frequency impulses and automatically detects and treat acupuncture points through laser therapy. Using this product will help you treat the root of the stressed muscle. The multi-functional massage head enables you to personalize the product. The nine gear modes help you set a lower or higher level of pulse intensity. Moreover, the ergonomic design is water-proof. The gadget is powered by 1 AA battery and has a simple switch mechanism.

Key Benefits:

  • Modern acupuncture device:this contemporary device uses scientific low-frequency electric impulses which is easier and more comfortable to use over traditional Chinese acupuncture methods.
  • Biological laser irradiation: low-frequency laser to achieve desired pain relief.
  • Elegant design: a portable travel accessory which enables you to relax at a time and place of your convenience.

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