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Magic Complete Body Massager

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You might be consciously aware that chronic pain can be majorly distressing, but sadly, most of us ignore it until the problem gets big.

The Magic Massager is a cordless percussion device providing much needed deep massage to the sore muscles.  This allows the vibrations to sink into the deeper layers of muscles and fasten muscle recovery. The most intriguing part of this device are the detachable heads which allows specialized massages for different parts of our body. The round ball and one point head is used to relieve pain from shoulder, back, lower back, and soles of feet, whereas the curved head is customized for use mainly in the arms, thighs and calves. On the other hand, the three-point head generates softer vibrations ideal for joints like cervical vertebrae, shoulder blades, knees, and ankles. The power of pulses can be increased and decreased according to the user's discretion using the "+" and "-" buttons present on the device. 

Key Features:

It's doesn't hurt to relax for a while, does it?: The Magic Massager and its wonderful specific parts allow massaging action to traverse in different parts of your body. Not only do these massages help in accelerating the process of muscle recovery, but also provides insurmountable relaxation and relief from stress. 

The longer handle helps your massage: The handle of the device has been ergonomically designed to be longer than usual, allowing the massager to access parts which are often missed due to decreased reach. Back, for instance, can be effectively massaged owing to this long handle. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q : Can I carry this device with me?

A : Yes, unlike other electrical massage devices, this can be utilized without plugging it on a wall. The strong battery keeps it in full charge for 140 minutes, and so be carried along to work, or anywhere one wishes too. 

Q : What are the risks of using device as it run on electricity?

A : The device is safe enough to use regularly if need be. The rechargeable battery gives it all the strength it needs. Besides, it switches off after 20 minutes of continuous usage. 

Q : When should I use it?

A : If sore muscles and joint pain is robbing you off your life, use it right away. The percussion provides by this device allows deep healing to the knots in the muscle efficiently. 

Q : How will I understand if the degree of massage is potent enough?

A : The device comes with 5 speed and 5 strength modes allowing the user to understand how much of pressure do they need to work on their 


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