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Lumo Lift - Posture and Activity Tracker

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Do you look lethargic, less confident?? Tired? Does someone have to remind you to stand straight?? Bring yourself back to life.  Adding the Lumo Lift to your daily wearable collection will make you look more confident, presentable and could prevent damage to your spine in long run.

While most trackers just cover fitness in terms of steps covered , distance run etc, Lumo lift covers that and in addition your Posture.

How it works:

Affix the small Lump Lift sensor on your clothing with the magnetic clasp. Align your sensor to your best posture and double pressing the clasp. The sensor will gently vibrate whenever you slouch, coaching you to better posture and a healthier back.

Lumo lift tracks - Posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. It is operable via the Android or IOS App


Key Benefits:

  • Lumo Lift is a tiny accessory which works as your posture coach and activity tracker.
  • It is a wearable Posture couch and vibrates every time you Slouch. It works by understanding your body posture and there is an option to customise your posture coaching experience through the Lumo lift App.
  • You can set your custom daily Posture and Activity Goals to fit your lifestyle. 
  • Works with a both free iOS and Android app.
  •  It reminds to sit straight and stand 
  • Helps in correcting posture through its constant vibratory reminders
  • Also helps in fitness training.  You may wear it as a fashion accessory or hide it under clothes.
  • It has a strong battery system; may live upto 1-2 days on single charge. Zero to fully charged in 2-4 hours flat
  • It stores up to 4 weeks of local activity data storage and Lifetime activity data storage in the backup storage is saved

How to wear:

  • First, slide the square clasp off of the Lumo Lift sensor
  • Second, place the Lumo Lift sensor (the larger oval piece) under your clothes, and use the magnetic square clasp to hold the sensor in place
  • The Lumo Lift should be worn about one inch below your collarbone
  • Third, set your target posture by getting into your best posture then firmly press on the square magnetic clasp
  • You will feel three quick confirmation buzzes to let you know that you’re all set.


Product Specifications:

  • Package Contents: Lumo Lift Sensor, Silver Magnetic Clasp, Black Magnetic Clasp, Bra Clasp, US
  • Posture coach
  • Activity tracker
  • Calories burned
  • Syncs with both iOS and Android software
  • Lightweight
  • Discreet
  • Corrects posture
  • Fashion accessory
  • Data Storage
  • Feel confident
  • Look better

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