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Lumbar Full Backrest with Car Headrest Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Combo Offer

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It’s high time you stopped complaining about all the long lasting period of time which you spend in your car while travelling to office, you have to drive in light of the fact that there is no other choice, yet you can't bear to put your body in question since it may hamper your work. It is okay to say that whether you're driving your way to work or to some holiday destination, getting an awful neck, and back pain is normal. In both the cases, the perfect buddy while you drive ought to be the toffee shaped Car Headrest Memory Foam Travel Pillow, a perfect help for your neck and back, and what is better if it comes with a bonus offer? You can now avail this neck support pillow along with the Lumbar full back support memory foam backrest cushion. It assists drivers with feeling good while driving for extended periods of time. They can rest their neck and back by inclining toward the vehicle seat where these pads must be joined.

Product Description:

Both these products are mechanized in the perfect way to handle the driver's neck and offers backing to it while he/she drives for extended periods of time. Both these products are ideal neck and back support cushion pads made with responsive high-Memory foam. These fill in as incredibly strong backup for the neck and back. It is additionally made with temperature adaptable memory foam. It avoids the neck and back from getting injured during rolling over lopsided surfaces. Both these items are eco-friendly in nature.

Key Features:

  • Mitigates neck and lower back pain – Both the car neck support and the back seat cushion eases out lower and mid back pain along with neck pain and heavy feeling which is created due to sitting or driving for a long time.
  • Movable strap in the seat cushion – The movable strap at the back of the seat cushion keeps the back set up and keeps the lumbar cushion from sliding down. There are extension straps which make the backrest fits impeccably on any office seat, PC seat, easy chair, couch, sofa, vehicle seat, SUV, truck, wheelchair and chair seat and so on.
  • Washable quality – Both the products can be washed, so sweat and dampness doesn't top it off.
  • Shape - The ergonomic shape of the neck pad and seat cushion fit superbly with the curve of the human cervical spine.
  • Material – Both the products are made with temperature sensitive memory foam comfort.
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