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Kroenig Tongue Depressor Stainless Steel

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The Kroenig Tongue Depressor is a specialised device used by dentists, ENTs, and maxillofacial surgeons to manage and keep the tongue from projecting into the surgical field, particularly during oral examinations and surgery.Its primary use is to hold the tongue down so that the oropharynx may be seen clearly; it features a double-ended design for forcing down the tongue from multiple angles. 
Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel to assure the greatest quality and product performance throughout surgical procedures; also, the blade's flat edges ensure optimal manipulation and reduce the risk of haemorrhage.

Key Features:
Blades with a Smooth Surface to Prevent Tongue Injury
Gingiva Tearing is Prevented by a Blunt-Edged Design.
Solid Ergonomic Handle for Maximum Control


Tongue Depressor
Instrument Profile
Double Ended
Handle Type
Solid Handle
Overall Length
15 cm / 6"
Stainless Steel
CE Marking

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