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Kendall Ted Knee Length Anti Embolism Stockings - Regular

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Kendall Ted Stockings, provide the perfect amount of controlled compression to aid your recovery. Built of skin-friendly material, and its user-friendly pull-up nature makes it a hassle free experience.

Product Description:

A compression stocking prevents pooling of blood in the veins of your leg, maintaining adequate venous return. This eases pressure on the venous walls, preventing them from being weakened further-thereby reducing the chances of serious complications like thrombosis or embolism from occurring. 

According to medical professionals, the knee-length variant is the design of choice for deep vein thrombosis prevention in surgical patients.

Key features:

Precise compression - Built to pressurize your legs in a graduated manner - with greater pressure towards your ankles, decreasing upwards. This facilitates a more effective anti-gravity return of blood pooling in your veins.

Easy to use – The simple pull-up nature negates difficulty caused by belts or Velcro straps – Saves time in day-to-day application.

Built with purpose - Nylon stockings feature compression pattern with circumferential knit. A specially designed knee band also helps prevent slippage.

User-friendly nature - Kendall Ted Stockings have their distal ends open for easy and free movement of your toes providing better mobility and comfort when wearing for prolonged periods.

Discreet Design - Can be worn under any kind of clothing without causing much discomfort. They fit snugly and are elegant in design.

Available in different sizes – A range of sizes available for proper fit. For size, measure calf circumference; for length, measure from bend of knee to bottom of heel.

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Country of OriginUSA

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higher than the mrp
mrp is 1150 but howcome we buy it @ 1200 +


25 Feb, 2018

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