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Medical Instrument Trolley - All SS Construction

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Introducing the Instrument Trolley - the perfect solution for keeping medical instruments organized and easily accessible in any hospital or clinical setting. This trolley is constructed entirely of stainless steel, making it highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring its longevity in a hospital environment.

This Instrument Trolley features multiple levels of shelves, allowing medical staff to store and organize various instruments efficiently. The smooth rolling casters make it easy to transport the trolley from one area to another without disturbing the instruments. The trolley also features sturdy handles, making it easy to push and pull when needed.

The trolley's stainless steel construction ensures easy cleaning and sterilization, making it a hygienic option for medical facilities. The trolley's design allows for easy access to instruments, ensuring medical professionals can easily retrieve the necessary tools for their procedures.

Whether you are working in an operating room, emergency department, or other hospital department, the Instrument Trolley All SS is a reliable option for organizing and storing medical instruments. Its durable construction, multiple levels of shelves, and smooth-rolling casters make it a practical choice for any medical facility.

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