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Hand Sanitizer 5 Liter

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Germs and bacteria enter our body through openings like mouth, earlobes, nostrils, etc. Further, exposed areas such as our palms and legs are always infested by millions and millions of germ particles which can cause much harm if they enter our body. These germs can often be resilient in nature. However, they can be restricted from entering our body with a little bit of the Purodin Hand Sanitizer. 

Product Description :

The Purodin Hand Sanitizer protects us from contracting with harmful germs that can enter our body from our hands at any point in time. We don’t always have the option of using the soap at our disposal, which is when this hand sanitizer comes in good use. This sanitizer has 70% alcohol content and leaves a non-sticky after effect. 

Key Features:

Sweet Fragrance :  The refreshing fragrance of this sanitizer will stay for a very long time on your hand. 

Desirable alcohol content: The sanitizer has 70% alcohol content which protects the user from contaminating with unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses effectively. 

Keeps the user’s hand soft and moist : The chemical formula with which the sanitizer is prepared will neither make your hand dry nor leaves a sticky feeling. It will keep your hands soft and moist. 

Happy deal :  You can save a lot with one buy. 

Great amount : This sanitizer comes in a 5 litre carton. 

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