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Grin Health Coccyx Seat Cushion With Memory Foam For Sciatica Tailbone Back Pain Relief

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Prolonged sitting increases pressure on your back which in result lead to majority of back issues like chronic pains, coccyx bone pain i.e coccydynia and pain in hip area. Advanced back seat cushion from Grin Health, Singapore based leading manufacturer of health and wellness products, is specially designed to help reduce backache and pressure on the injured tailbone.

Key Benefits:

 The Grin Health advanced seat cushion is made of premium memory foam which lasts very long and contours to the shape of body thus proving optimum support to the back and  pain relief.

 Back seat cushion has non slip bottom and an easy grip handle to help it carry anywhere when you are on move,

 Cushion comes with breathable mesh cover to allow maximum airflow to keep your comfortable even during long sitting hours.

  Advance seat cushion acts as posture corrector with its therapeutic design. Elevated rear portion is huge blessing for people suffering from coccydynia or tail bone injuries or other coccyx related problems.

 Its ergonomic design gives pain relief from sciatica, back pain, muscle spasm due to long sitting hours as well as other spinal problems due to poor posture.

 Seat cushion contoured design also relieves pressure on hit and pelvic as it provides optimum support to thighs and thus reduces numbness of legs and balanced weight distribution relaxes tailbone and spine.

 Back seat cushion can be used in office, home, car, train or air travel 

When to use:

 Support back in pregnancy 

 Coccydynia- Injured tail bone

 Herniated disc bulges

 People with long sitting hours

When not to use:

 In case pain increases

  Itching or rashes

 Numbness etc 

 Allergic rash or itching

Product Specification:

 Brand: Grin Health

 Color:  Black & Grey

 Material: 100% Memory Foam with super soft fleece cover

 Dimensions: 45x38x13 -2.5cm

  • Supportive sitting
  • Comfortable
  • For pregnancy support sitting
  • For Driving
  • Reduce backache
  • Corrects spine alignment
  • Effective for treating back pain
  • Promotes good posture
  • Cost effective
  • Washable cover
  • High density
Country of Origin
Brand NameGrin Health
Brand OriginSingapore
Country of OriginPRC

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