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Food Trolley Sliding

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There’s hardly any person who is not in love with good food. However, owing to busy schedules, one might often have to compromise a fine dining experience. Thus food trolley sliding plays an imperative role in ensuring the same as it helps in carrying heavy cutleries and is easily movable from one’s kitchen to the dining or living space. Its modern design and value for money further make it a favorite amongst most. 

Product Description:                                                                            Food trolley sliding is made up of plywood top shelf which allows it to carry heavy cutleries. It is a multipurpose serving trolley. Besides being used as a food trolley it can also be used as a rack in the kitchen. It got a flat and even surface and hence can be cleaned regularly. It is quite user-friendly as we can adjust the height of the trolley from 750mm to 1050mm, according to our needs, just by reading the manual. 

Key features:

Modern look: The trolley got a rusting finish which makes it look more stylish. Along with the looks, it is also water-resistant which makes it extra purposeful. 

Spacious: Its overall size is L 760 mm * W 360 mm which allows it to be very capacious. 

Movable: The trolley is mounted on 50 mm dia wheels and hence it can be easily moved from one place to another. Therefore transportation of food becomes easier.

Adaptable: It easily fits in small spaces and is thus very handy. 

Economical: In spite of being well built, it is inexpensive and low-priced

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