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Flamingo Pelvic Support - Large

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Back pain is an unfortunate, but very common in pregnant women. Flamingo Pelvic Binder gives you a great relief. A belly belt is worn over and under your belly and wraps around to your lower back. A belly belt works by providing support by lifting the belly. This can reduce the amount of work your mid and lower back have to do, thus relieving some back pain.

Key Benefits:

  • It provides stabilization of pelvis until definitive stabilization can be achieved
  • High Quality material used
  •  Easy to wear and very comfortable 
  •  Effectively helps to compress your postpartum hips! Get back into shape and recover after pregnancy 
  •  Made from breathable material and it is adjustable 
  •  Fully washable, extremely comfortable and can be used for as long as you require 
  • It's differential attachments allows access for laparotomy and angiography by releasing individual strap fasteners.


  • For pelvic region
  • Reduces pain
  • Stabilizes the pelvis
  • High Quality 
  •  Easy to wear 
  • Comfortable 
  •  Breathable material 
  • Adjustable 
  •  Fully washable
  • Cost effective


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