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Flamingo Lumbar Corset Belt - Large

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Low back pain syndrome involves lumbar vertebrae. It can be acute, sub acute or chronic. An acute lower back injury may be caused by a traumatic event, like a car accident or a fall. Chronic lower back pain has a more insidious onset, occurring over a long period of time. Flamingo Lumbar Corset Belt gives you a great relief.

Key Benefits:

  • Primarily used to provide low back muscular support.
  • Corset may also act as a reminder to avoid excessive low back motion and may help encourage proper body mechanics, such as good posture.
  • Our patients are often concerned that excessive use of such a corset might weaken the lumbar muscles.
  • The lumbar corset is also used after most lumbar spinal surgeries to provide additional low back support, thus preventing muscles from rapidly fatiguing during recovery.
  • The brace can help support the spine until muscle strength can do the job

  • The brace also offers that gentle reminder that activities and motion must be limited for healing to occur.
  • The purpose of the brace is not for complete immobilization

    Do you need to wear the brace constantly?

  • If you use the brace constantly, it may likely weaken the lumbar musculature. For this reason, the specialists do not recommend continuous, daily use of a lumbar corset. 
  • The brace should be employed when you are involved in activities that place your back at risk. When this at risk activity is finished, the brace should be removed.

  • Enhanced support
  • Perfect immobilization
  • Comfortable
  • Adequate Support system
  • User friendly
  • Highly porous
  • Back support
  • Compressive
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Better holding
  • Size adjust ability
  • Light weight
  • Thin construction
  • Porous webbing
  • Comfortable
  • Flexibility
  • Cost effective

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