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Flamingo Carpal Tunnel Splint - Universal

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Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath (called the synovium) that surrounds a tendon. It is characterized by pain, swelling, difficulty in moving the particular joint where the inflammation occurs. When the condition causes the finger to stick in a flexed position, this is called stenosing tenosynovitis, which is commonly called Trigger finger. Repetative use or movements of the wrist joint may overstretch or tear the ligament. Common wrist problem are Carpel tunnel syndrome deQuervain disease, unlar, fracture, carpal bone fracture. Sprains and strains : Strains occur when muscle or tendons are overstretched. Sprains are an over stretching or a partial tearing of ligaments. Flamingo Carpal Tunnel Splint gives you a great relief.

  • Recommended in management of mild to moderate carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Prevents pain, numbness, tingling and burning in hands and fingers
  • Prevents reoccurrence of carpel tunnel syndrome and gives comfort.

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