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Flamingo Premium Calf Support - XL

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Pain in legs and joints are quite common in winters. Elderly have the most common pain symptom in calves and knees. The traditional treatment approach for leg pains was to compress the muscles by wrapping some warm cloth around the muscles. Flamingo calf support does the same. The Achilles tendon connects calf muscle to heel bone. It may cause due to pronated foot, improper foot wear, fatigue and exercise. It is characterized by pain, muscle swelling, fatigue and improper exercise.

Key Benefits:

  • Consists of spandex yarn with four ways stretch advantages.
  • It is lighter in weight with over -lock design.
  • Provides controlled compression without leaving impression on the skin.
  • Flamingo Premium Calf Support gives you a great relief. Four ways stretch advantage provides comfort, support and controlled compressions without leaving impression on skin.
  • Provides comfort, support and controlled compressions
  • It reduces painful muscle cramp and provides effective relief for aching calf muscles
  • It improves blood circulation and ease muscle strain.
  • Available in 4 sizes- small, medium, large and XL.


·        Small: 10-12inches

·        Medium:12-14 inches

·        Large: 14-16 inches

·        XL: 16-18 inches


·        The calf support should be worn during the daytime while you are active.

·        It is not advisable to use the support while sleeping.

·        It should be tight enough to compress the muscles but if you ever feel any restriction of flow or rash or abnormal sensation remove the support.


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