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Fetal skull model Delux

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This fetal skull shows the process of osteogenesis, how the bones of the skull form and fuse together.The fontanels will overtime become bone.The sutures will form along the bony plates help fuse the skull

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the Fetal Skull Model Deluxe used for?

A: The Fetal Skull Model Deluxe is used to demonstrate the process of osteogenesis, how the bones of the fetal skull form and fuse together. It can be used for educational purposes in medical schools, biology classes, or other settings where understanding fetal development is important.

Q: What is osteogenesis?

A: Osteogenesis is the process of bone formation. In the case of the fetal skull, this involves the development and fusion of bones to form the skull structure.

Q: What are fontanels?

A: Fontanels are soft spots on a baby's skull where the bones have not yet fully fused. These soft spots allow for flexibility during birth and early development of the skull.

Q: What are sutures?

A: Sutures are fibrous joints between the bones of the skull that allow for some movement during birth and early development. As the skull grows and develops, the sutures gradually fuse to form solid bone.

Q: What is the size of the Fetal Skull Model Deluxe?

A: The size of the Fetal Skull Model Deluxe is not specified in the product information provided. It may vary depending on the specific model.

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