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Faceshield and Virus Shut Out Combo

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Protection Combo is very useful for home and workplace self health monitoring needs. Must have in these times 

This combo contains the below items:

Face Shield (Pack of 5)

Virus Shut Out Sterlization Card (Pack of 5)

A) Face Shield (Pack of 5)

Tackling respiratory infections can be tricky as we face a risk of contracting it ourselves while taking care of patients. It is imperative that the doctors, medical health professionals specifically think about their safety as well. Flexible Face Shield: Pack of 5 is a promising method of protection against deadly viruses, aerosols, dust particles.

See the world you need to protect clearly: With every face shield comes the tedious job of keeping it clear and mist free. To free us from that preoccupation, Flexible Face Shield has been constructed with Premium PET + Sponge which obstructs fog or dust from entering.

Protect the vital senses: Eyes, Ear, and Mouth: This face shield provides full coverage to eyes, ear, and mouth by preventing the entry of any aerosols, chemicals or respiratory droplets. This helps in keeping infection away.

Face shield equipped to be stable for long hours: Equipped with an elastic band and soft sponge, it doesn't create painful indentations after wearing it for a long time. It fits properly with goggles as well.

All rounded protection: While protecting eyes, ear, and mouth, we often face unavoidable side effects of allergy and hypersensitivity. Its feature of scratch resistance provides comfort like never before. It is advisable to wear a mask along with the face shield though.

Forget the hassle of cleaning: The face shield can be cleaned by simply washing it with water or using alcohol swipes. After using it for the first time, the plastic film needs to be peeled off and the face shield can then be readjusted around the ear according to convenience

B)    Virus Shut Out Sterlization Card (Pack of 5)

Virus Shut Out  neck card is an innovative technology that employs the principle of using chlorine dioxide to dismantle microbial organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi or even spores from the ambient air. It looks out for us and prevents us from deadly diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, common cold, respiratory infections. 

Key Features: 

•    Faster combat: The chlorine dioxide doesn't need to enter into the bacteria, or viruses to kill it. The oxidizing effect of it helps in dismantling the microbe by 30-60s. 

•    No resistance: Bacteria, viruses, and even fungi have been reported to grow resistant to compounds that have been out for exposure for a long time. 

•    Portability: Virus Shut Out can be easily transported from one place to another, thereby enhancing the protective coverage. 

•    A respite for immunocompromised: Immunocompromised patients owing to some diseases, like HIV, or other drugs like steroids or even special physiological states like pregnancy are a higher risk of contracting a severe form of the disease. This acts as a protective shield for these people. Any patient who has succumbed to nosocomial infections, or other states of decreased immunity would be greatly benefited by its use.

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