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Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures USP 3-0, Needleless - SW212

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  • Needleless
  • Suture Length : 2 X 75cm
  • Absorption Profile : Non-absorbable
  • Colour : Black
  • Suture Type : Braided
  • Suture Diameter : USP 3-0
  • Suture Material : Silk


Q: What are Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures?

A: Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures are a type of surgical suture used for wound closure and surgical procedures. They are needleless sutures, eliminating the need for a separate needle for suturing.

Q: What is the suture length of Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures?

A: Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures come in a length of 2 x 75cm. This provides sufficient suture material for use in various surgical applications.

Q: Are these sutures absorbable or non-absorbable?

A: Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures are non-absorbable, meaning they are not broken down or absorbed by the body's tissues over time. They provide long-term wound support.

Q: What is the color of the suture?

A: The suture is black in color, which helps with visibility during placement and removal, especially in contrast to the surrounding tissue.

Q: What type of suture is Sutupak Silk?

A: Sutupak Silk sutures are braided sutures. The braided design provides increased tensile strength and secure knot tying.

Q: What is the suture diameter?

A: The suture diameter is classified as USP 3-0. This sizing standard helps to determine the thickness and strength of the suture.

Q: What is the suture material made of?

A: The suture material is made of silk. Silk has been used in surgical sutures for its strength, pliability, and biocompatibility.

Q: How are these sutures needleless?

A: Needleless sutures like Ethicon Sutupak Silk Sutures are designed with a special configuration that eliminates the need for a separate needle. They are typically used with specialized needleless suturing devices.

Q: In what medical procedures can Sutupak Silk Sutures be used?

A: Sutupak Silk Sutures are suitable for various surgical procedures, including general surgery, plastic surgery, dermatological procedures, and more. They are used for wound closure, tissue approximation, and ligature applications.

Q: Can Sutupak Silk Sutures be used in pediatric patients?

A: Sutupak Silk Sutures can be used in pediatric patients when appropriate for the surgical procedure. However, the use of any suture material should be determined by the healthcare professional based on the specific needs and condition of the patient.

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