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Ergonomic Back Rest Chair

  • Buy Ergonomic Back Rest Chair - Meddey
  • Buy Ergonomic Back Rest Chair - Meddey
  • Buy Ergonomic Back Rest Chair - Meddey
  • Buy Ergonomic Back Rest Chair - Meddey
  • Buy Ergonomic Back Rest Chair - Meddey

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Does staying up for prolonged hours at your desk stress your brain and mind? Backaches and joint pains are frequent for people who spent hours at work. 

Spondylitis is a recurring disease for people spending most of their time in a stagnant position. Resolve such issues with a back-rest chair. 

Product Description:

The ergonomic back rest chair gives relief to the pain areas and aches occurring in a working person. It comprises comfortable hand-resting options and relaxing features to reduce stress at the office or home. 

Improve your health and task-efficiency with affordable equipment for all age groups. Stay active at work with the ergonomic back-rest chair!

Key Features:

Reduces Pain and Body Aches: An ergonomic backrest chair is a viable tool for people suffering from cramps, aches, or joint pain. 

Combats Stress: It is a reliable option for remote and office employees to fight excess stress levels resulting from prolonged working. 

Maintains a Proper Body Posture: It's helpful for people to maintain the required posture to stay fit. 

Ergonomic Usage: It comes with a comfortable grip and proper resting structure for your back. 

An Equipment for Everyone: A back-rest chair is viable for all age groups and employees working continuously.

Helps Stretch Long Work Hours: Its ergonomic design ensuring working for a longer duration with comfort.  

Lowers Chances of Spondylitis: A disease-causing inflammation in the spinal cord or vertebrae, a back-rest chair lowers the adverse effects. 

An Affordable Solution for Home and Office: The ergonomic chair is effective for both home-setup and office desk, and you can use it any time.

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameShengrila
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entity23/9 (Basement), Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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The Best Ergonomic Chair - and a Reasonable Price, Too.


24 Nov, 2017

A very good chair for the price. I bought one for home and liked it so much I bought a second for work.


24 Nov, 2017

Great for the price!


24 Nov, 2017

Very Good product
Comfortable and easy to moving


11 Aug, 2017

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