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Equinox Baby Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-BE-22

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Designed for every new mother who wants to keep a track of the baby’s weight, the Equinox BE-EQ-22 baby digital weighing scale is a must-have. As a baby’s weight is directly proportional to the health, immunity and overall development, it’s mandatory to have a regular check on the baby’s weight.

This weighing scale features a 1.2-inch LCD screen that displays large, easy-to-read numbers. You can check your baby’s weight in kilo grams or pounds. This scale features a delta weight function that not only displays the recent weight reading, but also shows the difference between the current and the previous weight, helping you monitor the baby’s weight better.

All you have to do is place the baby on the ergonomically designed tray and read weight. The weighing scale shuts down automatically after the tray is removed. It has a weighing capacity up to 20 kilograms. This weighing scale is powered by rechargeable alkaline batteries. It also has a low battery indicator and an overload indicator.

  • Capacity 20 Kg
  • 1.2 inch LCD Display
  • Kg to LBs
  • Low Battery and Overload Indicator
  • Includes Delta weight function

Warranty : 18 months


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