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Equinox Body Composition Analyser EQ-EB-63

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Healthy you is a better you. Meet the best of yourself and remain fit by keeping a tab on your body weight, fat levels and other key vitals. Equinox EB-EQ-63 is designed with a durable construction and comes with Leather look ABS platform with stainless steel mirror edge.

Key Benefits:

  • Four precision sensors provide an accurate measurement every time you take a reading
  • User friendly scale features auto-step-on technology to give you quick results.
  • The Body Composition Analyzer has a strain gauge sensor and a large LCD to show you the Weight, Body Fat, Bone Weight, Hydration and Muscle Mass.
  • To operate the scale all you need to do is step on the galvanized electrodes bare feet.
  • Error feature to tell you the default while measuring and/or to let you the machine is overlaoded

When to use:

  • Patients with history of Obesity
  • By Athletes or Sports person who need to monitor their Weight, Body Fat, Bone Weight, Hydration and Muscle Mass. regularly

When not to use:

  • Pregnant women
  • With symptom of edema
  • Those on dialysis treatment
  • Those who use heart pacemaker or with any other implanted device.

Please note:

  • Do not forget to place the weighing scale on a flat surface to measure accurate weight
  • It is advised to check your weight everyday at the same time
  • It is advised not to use the weighing scale right after workout or after any strenuous task.
  • Capacity 150 Kg
  • Four precision sensors
  • Leather look
  • Large LCD display
  • Low battery / Error / Overload
  • Low fat / High Fat indicator
  • Auto-step-on function
  • Built-in memory for 12 different users
  • Light and Portable
  • Accurate measurements
  • Warranty : 18 months

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