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ENT Tonsillectomy Set

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Enhance your ENT procedures with our comprehensive ENT Tonsillectomy Set. This specialized set includes a range of precision instruments designed for tonsillectomy surgeries. Crafted from high-quality materials, each instrument serves a specific purpose in ensuring a smooth and effective tonsillectomy procedure. From mouth gag to dissectomy forceps and suction cannula, this set provides the essential tools for a successful ENT tonsillectomy.


  • Type: ENT Tonsillectomy Set.
  • Number of Instrument Sets: Multiple instruments for varied tonsillectomy procedures.
  • Material: High-quality materials for durability.

Instrument Types:

  • Mouth Gag Davis Boyle with 5 Blades: 1
  • Tonsil Artery Forceps ST/Cr: 2
  • Tonsil Elevator: 1
  • Tonsil Snare: 1
  • Yankur Suction Cannula: 1
  • Needle Holder 6 Inch Spl: 1
  • Towel Forceps 5 Inch Spl: 1
  • Knot Pusher: 1 Pair
  • Tonsil Needle Left / Right: 1
  • Negus Artery Forceps: 1
  • Pilter Retractor & Distractor: 1
  • Tonsil Dissectomy Forceps 8 Inch Plain: 1
  • Tonsil Dissectomy Forceps 8 Inch Tooth: 1
  • Tonsil Dissectomy Scissors Curved 8 Inch straight : 2 & curved : 2
  • Tonsil Holding Forceps: 1
  • Bipod Stand: 1 Set

Key Features:

  • Complete Set: A comprehensive set covering various tonsillectomy instruments.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable materials for longevity.
  • Precision Instruments: Each instrument is designed for a specific tonsillectomy task.
  • Versatile Tools: From artery forceps to dissectomy forceps, the set includes a range of versatile tools.
  • Bipod Stand: Included for convenient organization and access during procedures.

FrequentlyAsked Question:

 Q: Isthe set suitable for all types of tonsillectomy procedures?

A:Yes, the set is designed to cover various tonsillectomy procedures.

Q: Howmany instruments are included in the set?

A: Theset includes multiple instruments, covering a wide range of tonsillectomytasks.

Q: Arethe instruments durable?

A:Yes, all instruments are crafted from high-quality and durable materials.

Q: Isthe set organized for easy access during procedures?

A:Yes, the set includes a bipod stand for convenient organization and access.

Q: Canthis set be used for other ENT procedures?

A:While focused on tonsillectomy, some instruments may be versatile for other ENTprocedures.

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