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Electronic Trachea Intubation Model

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Product Features:

Accurate anatomical marks oral or nasal cavity intubation. Wrong operation, stomach inflation, or laryngoscope compressing the teeth will activate warning, prompting one proper pupil and another mydriasis.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the Electronic Trachea Intubation Model used for?
A: This model is used to practice trachea intubation, which is a medical procedure used to establish an airway in a patient who is unconscious or cannot breathe properly.

Q: What are some of the features of this model?

A: This model has accurate anatomical marks for oral or nasal cavity intubation, and it is equipped with an alarm system that indicates whether the intubation is correct or incorrect. If the user performs the intubation incorrectly, or if they inflate the stomach or compress the teeth with the laryngoscope, the model will activate a warning.

Q: Can this model be used for both oral and nasal cavity intubation?

A: Yes, this model has anatomical marks for both oral and nasal cavity intubation.

Q: How does the alarm system work?

A: The alarm system will indicate whether the intubation is correct or incorrect by using two different pupil reactions. If the intubation is correct, one pupil will react normally, while the other pupil will dilate slightly. If the intubation is incorrect, both pupils will dilate.

Q: Is this model suitable for medical training purposes?

A: Yes, this model is designed for medical professionals who want to practice trachea intubation in a safe and controlled environment. It can be used for training purposes in medical schools, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.



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