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Electro Surgical Cautery Machine for Piles, CIrumcision with Extra Accessories Pack

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Uses of Electro Surgical Cautery Machine:

Cauterization is basically referred to as the process of burning a body part in order to either remove it or as well, to completely close the parts of it. Cauterization as a process is used to tackle the problems like stopping the blood flow or further damage, undesired growth and preventing the infections.

  • Electro surgical cautery machine uses heat from an electronic current in order to destroy the abnormal tissues like tumor or any other kind of lesion.
  • The device can simply also be used to control the bleeding during a surgery, as well as in an injury.
  • The electric current is simply passed through an electrode which is placed near or on the tissue.

Product's Feature:

  • Electro surgical cautery machine could be used in order to remove skin lesions, such as moles and warts, circumcision as well as piles.

  • ( Electro surgical cautery machine would NOT BE HELPFUL in dental and other known surgical applications as it would require monopolar / bipolar and under water cutting capabilities in order to perform further operations. )

  • The electro cautery machine 50W is a device that is designed in order to perform minor surgical procedures with accuracy and precision.
  • The device is simple equipped with a high-frequency electrical current generator which ultimately produces heat to coagulate, cut and cauterize tissues during a surgery.
  • The device simply features a durable and compact design which makes it easy to transport and handle.
  • The device consist power output of 50W, which provides sufficient energy for effective surgical procedures.
  • The device, other than being most useful is also quite light and compact, thus making it very easy to use.

Product Specifications:

Electro Surgical Cautery Machine
ProductElectro Surgical Cautery Machine
Country of originIndia
Warranty1 year
Voltage210 – 230 Volts
Power Output50W
Intensity5 Amp
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameMedivision
Address of entity330, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi - 110092
India Helpline Number8586 012345
Country of OriginIndia

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