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Electro Surgical Cautery

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Cauterisation is basically the process of burning a body part to either remove it or close parts of it off. It is used to tackle issues like undesired growth, to stop bleeding or further damage, as well as to prevent infections. Electrosurgical cautery which is comparatively a newer development functions by applying a high-frequency alternating polarity of electrical current to cut, and fulgurate tissues. This process not only minimises blood loss but also allows for more precise cuts.

Key feature:
a) Used in various minor surgical procedure: Electo surgical cautery is used in some minor surgical procedures, where closing a tissue may be necessary.
b) Lightweight & compact: This instrument, other than being most useful is also quite light and compact, thus making it very easy to use.
c) Also Available in Heavy Duty: This electrosurgical cautery is also available in more heavy-duty varieties (250W & 400 W), which must be necessary for bigger and more complex surgeries.

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