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Portable Phlegm Suction Unit with Oil-free Lubrication Pump for Hospital, Clinic, Dentist, Home

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The Portable Phlegm Suction Unit by Dr. Odin offers reliable and quiet suction for various healthcare needs. Its large flux design efficiently removes fluids while the oil-free lubrication pump ensures environmental friendliness.

  • Prevalent Uses: Removing respiratory secretions excess saliva,mucus,cough when the patient is unable to.Clearing the airway of blood.Assisting a patient who is vomiting while seizing or unconscious.
  • Large Flux and Low-Noise Design: Diligently designed to produce high flux for smooth removal of fluids such as secretion and mucus from body cavities.The high-quality engineering and premium material allows for a silent suction process to keep the patients comfortable and relaxed
  • Waterproof Plastic Panel Design: The White plastic panel built makes it lightweight and provide waterproof protection to facilitate easy usability and long service life
  • Oil-Free Lubrication Pump: Dr. Odin always takes into consideration the environmental factors, this suction machine is no different as its pump does not produce harmful oil mist


Usage: Respiratory Secretions, Excess Saliva, Mucus, and more.
Flux: High Flux for Efficient Fluid Removal.
Noise Level: Low-Noise Operation.
Design: Lightweight, Waterproof Plastic Panel.
Pump: Environmentally Friendly Oil-Free Lubrication Pump.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What are the common uses for this suction unit?
A: It's used to remove respiratory secretions, excess saliva, mucus, and assist in clearing airways during emergencies.

Q: Is it suitable for use in clinics, hospitals, and homes?
A: Yes, it's versatile and suitable for various settings.

Q: How quiet is its operation?
A: The unit operates quietly, ensuring patient comfort.

Q: What's the benefit of the waterproof panel design?
A: The lightweight waterproof design ensures durability and easy cleaning.

Q: Why is the oil-free lubrication pump important?
A: It's eco-friendly and doesn't produce harmful oil mist, considering environmental factors.
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameDr Odin
Address of entityIndustrial Area Phase 2, Mohali - 140308
India Helpline Number8586 012345
Country of OriginChina

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