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Elastic Compression Crepe Bandage

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Durable Material : Crepe elastic bandage wrap is made from premium polyester. It provides best outcomes as it keep your muscles tight. Each compression crepe bandage extends up to 13 feet when fully stretched. Length of crepe bandage is long enough to wrap most ankles, knees or wrists.

Individually packed : Crepe bandages come encased in a protective wrapper until you’re ready to use them. This keeps your crepe bandage hygienic and debris-free to help prevent any kind of adverse reaction should an injury occur.

Comfortable and Safe Closure : Crepe bandage comes with two bandage clips which is the best way to keep wrap securely in place.

Extra clips : It’s always a good idea to have some backups. If you’re dealing with a chronic injury or in case you lose one, you’ll have another to secure your wrap.

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