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DVT Pump System

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Thrombosis is a rare life-threatening disease occurring among people. It occurs when a blood clot is formed in one or more deep veins of the body, especially legs. It is one of the most painful experiences a person can have. To prevent a situation like this, the DVT pump system is used as it prevents the deep vein thrombosis by delivering pressure to increase blood flow in the veins of the body so that the blood does not clot. 

Product Description:

The DVT pump system is an intermittent pneumatic compression system that helps in preventing deep vein thrombosis. The pump produces repeated cycles of compressed air that forces blood out of the veins. This device should be used in cases where mobility decreases due to a medical disorder, an injury to the vein, after long periods of travel, after surgery, etc.

Key Features:

Lightweight – The weight of the machine is quite less and thus can be easily operated.

Comfortable – The equipment provides a great sense of comfort to the users.

Safety – The pump has a visual and audible alarm which increases the security of individuals.

Multiple uses – It can be used to treat cancer, to minimize risks during pregnancy, to reduce obesity, etc. It is mostly used to treat people after surgery.

Rechargeable battery – It can be reused by recharging the battery.

Reasonably-priced – It being a very essential equipment is inexpensive. 

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