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Dr Odin Portable Phlegm Suction Machine

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Absorbing thick liquids such as blood or phlegm can be of a lot of hassle since these things are not generally liquid in nature but they tend to be more of a solid due to is heavy thickness. Hospitals, clinics, certified physicians and even people from their houses might face problems in absorbing thick liquids such as phlegm and blood, from the body. The best solution to this problem is the Dr odin Portable Phlegm Suction Unit. This device has been designed in a unique way to suck the thick liquid out of the body with ease and precision. It is a new generation oil-free lubrication suction device.

Product Description:

Dr. Odin Portable Phlegm Suction Unit is creatively designed in a way which makes it an oil-free lubrication pump which has a large flux, low noise and a high negative pressure. It is particularly intended for sucking thick fluid, for example, mucus, blood and so forth from the body. It is absolutely suitable for patients who have problems in removal of phlegm due to sickness, coma or operation. Dr Odin Portable Phlegm Suction Unit can be utilized as suction gadget in emergency rooms, operation room, and even at home as medicinal services item.

Key Features:

  • Oil Free Lubrication Pump:This device is an oil free lubrication pump which is designed to suck out thick liquids such as blood and phlegm from the body of the user.
  • Clean without Pollution of Oil:This product promises cleanliness in the absence of pollution caused due to oil.
  • Portable in Size:This device is small and handy and does not take up too much space and can be handled with ease.
  • Elegant Design & Easy to Clean:This device has a design which is aesthetically pleasing and can be cleaned easily too.
  • Bacteria Filter:This device is designed in a way which makes it bacteria resistant. It has a filter which resists germ and bacteria infestation. 
  • Over-flow protection:This device can sense over-flow of the liquid and stops it from happening.
  • Uniform Pressure flow:There is uniformity in flow of pressure, which makes sure of the comfort of the users.
  • CE0123 & ISO13485 Certified:This product is certified by CE0123 and ISO13485 making it safe for usage.
Country of Origin
Brand NameDr Odin
Brand OriginIndia
Country of OriginP.R.C

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