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Dr Odin Oxygen Concentrator Machine 5L with 1 Year Warranty

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Respiratory problems are frequent in most patients nowadays, irrespective of their age. Also, reduced oxygen levels appear troublesome to people in unforeseen circumstances. 

An oxygen concentrator machine works like a holy-grail for patients with acute low oxy-levels in blood. With the continuous supply of oxygen, it saves the day for emergencies. 

Get Dr. Odin oxygen concentrator equipment to combat worse battles for life!

Product Description: 

The Dr. Odin oxygen concentrator machine is a piece of life-saving equipment that works on resolving a patient's breathing troubles.  Running on an oil-free compressor and optimized by battery or electricity, the machine reduces expenses. 

With a massive oxygen capacity, the air supply never runs out! It's an awesome kit to improve oxygen levels in a patient's blood. Therefore, restoring health to the ones battling troubles of breathing. 

At times of emergency, Dr. Odin's oxygen concentrator machine is all you need!

Key Features: 

Stimulates oxygen levels - Powered by the PSA technology, the machine improves oxygen concentration in the blood.

Large capacity –The oxygen concentrator equipment is well-equipped to hold roughly 5 liters of oxygen capacity. 

Safety in use- It’s completely safe for patients with acute breathing troubles to use.

Fewer expenses required for maintenance-The machine runs on an oil-free compressor resulting in costing pretty less to sustain. 

A must-have for emergencies- The Dr. Odin oxygen concentrator is a perfect life-saving kit to serve critical patients improving oxygen levels. 

Gets most of the doctor's recommendation –The majority of the top-notch physicians recommend the oxygen concentration to save patients timely. 

Specifications :

Flow Range (at outlet pressure)        : 0.5-5L/min

Output Pressure                                 : 38kPa+/-5kPa

Oxygen Concentration                      : 0.5 5L.min, 93% +/-  3%

Operating Environmental Range      : Temp 10 to 40 C     

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