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Dr Odin Disinfection Home Office Shop Kit

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Dr Odin Disinfection Home Kit Consists of :

1) Hand Sanitize Neem 100ml

2) Kleenit Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner 500ml

3) Odylon Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Solution 500ml

4) Odytol Chlorixylenol Antiseptic Solution 500ml

5) Odinizer BK Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 500ml

6) Odinox Mouthwash 150ml

A) Dr Odin Hand Sanitizer Neem 100ml 

Purodin Hand Sanitizer protects you from the transference of germs from your hands anytime, anywhere without soap or water and is rinse-free and nonsticky. Be 100% sure with Purodin Hand Sanitizer and protect yourself from 100 illness-causing germs including Coronavirus and other germs & bacterias. It contains 70% Alcohol.

B) Kleenit Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner 500ml 

Kleenit by Dr. Odin, Concentrate is a fruit and vegetable cleanser friendly solution which gently washes away surface toxicants likes pesticides, fungus, bacteria, germs, dirt, wax, which are difficult to remove with water alone.

How to use :

Pour 20ml in 1

liter water

Soak the fruits and vegetables in the solution for 1 minute

Rub individual pieces with hands dipped in solutio

Care Tips :

Wash Uncut fruits and vegetables

Not suitable for porous vegetables like mushrooms

Rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact with eyes

Store in a cool & dry place

C) Dr. Odin Odylon Antispectic Solution 500ml

Dr. Odin Odylon is used to prevent infections caused by bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is also used as a first-aid for cleaning wounds and scrapes, thereby lowering the risk of infections. It is an antiseptic in nature which makes it useful to use against cuts as well and protect against microbes. It protects against infection by washing out dirt and debris and killing bacteria in cuts, grazes, and minor wounds without the need to touch sore or broken skin.

D) Dr Odin Odytol Aniseptic Liquid

Dr. Odin Odytol Antiseptic Liquid provides protection to you and your family against illness-causing germs. This antiseptic liquid sanitizes your home and helps maintain your personal hygiene.

Odytol first aid antiseptic liquid can be used to protect against infection from cuts and scratches, disinfect toys, and sanitize baby wear leaving everything clean and fresh. It can also be used as a household disinfectant and cleaner on surfaces or in laundry cleaning to kill germs.

Care Tips:

Keep away from kids

Don't inhale or drink

If in contact with eyes, wash thoroughly and contact doctor

Use the product as mentioned on the label

E) Dr Odin Odinizer BL 500ml

Dr. Odin Odinizer-BK is a cleaning purpose chloride solution that can be used in Hospitals, Hotels, Food, Pharmaceutical, and other allied industries. This solution protects from Bacteria, Fungus & viruses.

F) Dr Odin Mouth Wash 150ml

Dr. Odin Odinox mouth wash is a concentrate of organic herbs and natural nutrients formulated to provide long lasting oral hygiene and powerful germ defense. With potent action against microbes, it effectively provides a shield protection from bacteria, airborne germs, allergens and toxins, controlling the spread of illness causing germs and bacteria.

Key Features :

Alcohol Free Oral Care

Germ protection

PH Balanced


Pure Organics

Zero Synthetics

Tips for Care :

Do Not Swallow

For 30 minutes after rinsing avoid eating/drinking anything

Rinse twice a day morning and night after brushing

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