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Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale

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Leading a fit lifestyle comes with maintaining a strict regime. Be it weight management, toning your body or maintaining fitness – the key to tracking your fitness goals is to bring Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale to your life. With this accurate, user-friendly and sturdy machine, transform into a healthier version of yourself – today! 

Product description:

Keeping a track of your weight is not possible without the right equipment. Accurate, ergonomic, stylish and sturdy, the Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale is the multifaceted electronic personal weighing scale of your dreams. Designed with sophisticated technology to deliver highly precise readings, the scale is not only user friendly but comes in a sleek design with an uber-stylish LED screen as well. Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale is the fitness partner you need.

Key Features:

Expert accuracy: Equipped with its superior Four Sensory Technology, the Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale gives a precise reading. To ensure accuracy of results, place the scale on a hard, flat floor. Avoid soft floors like carpets. Step on the scale gently and wait for the reading to stabilize. 

Error and low battery indicators: In case the weight exceeds the maximum weight capacity of 180kg/396lb, the scale gives an overload indication. The scale also has a low battery indicator function inbuilt. 

Easy to use: With its automatic on and off feature, the Dr Odin Digital Weighing Scale is also made of durable material to ensure smooth running for a long time. Its easy-to-read LED screen and ergonomic design are built for comfortable use. 

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Brand NameDr Odin
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityIndustrial Area Phase 2, Mohali - 140308
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginPRC (China)

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