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Accu Chek Instant Glucometer Machine with Accusure BP Machine-Digital Thermometer-Disinfectant 100ml-Non-woven Mask - Combo Offer

Expiry : Dec, 2021

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This Combo Offer contains:

1. Accu Chek Instant Glucometer Machine

2. Accusure BP Machine

3. Digital Thermometer

4. Hand Sanitizer 100 ml

5. Non-woven masks (4 quantity)

Accu Chek Instant Glucometer Machine :

Difficulty in tracking your blood glucose levels?? Finding it difficult to go to healthcare specialist daily.Accu chek has launched an extremely user friendly blood glucose monitoring device Accu check Instant S Glucometer primarily for home use customers. It’s a very useful device for people whoc want to control their diabetes by close blood glucose monitoring. Its instant.

Benefits of use:

  • Accu chek Instant S Glucometer is ready to use instantly – no coing or set up required.
  • One button navigates everything – extremely simple to use.
  • Target range indicator provides reassurance – very useful for beginners.
  • Draws very small blood for accurate results.
  • Highly provden accuracy of accu chek glucometer devices.
  • Average of 7/30/90 days is displayed giving you better handle on blood glucose control.
  • Accurate and fast results within 4 seconds.
  • Utilized for arterial, capillary, venous and neonatal blood glucose levels.
  • Easy to operate by oneself.

When to use:

  • Patients with history of Diabetes.
  • Old age People who need to monitor their blood glucose regularly.
  • Type I & Type II diabetes.
  • Diabetics in pregnancy.

Product Specification:

  • Brand Name: Accu chek.
  • Product : Accu-chek Instant S.
  • Containts :Instant S Glucometer – 1 no.
  • Instant S Test Strips Pack of 10 Strips – 1 no.
  • Accu check Softclix Lancent Device – 1 no.

How to use:

  • It has very simple 1-2-3-4 step :
  1. Insert glucose strip in glucometer,
  2. Prick your finger with lancet in Softclix lancet device
  3. Touch the blood drop on to wide yellow strip,
  4. Blood glucose level gets displayed on glucometer in 4 seconds

Result Indications: The ranges mentioned with blue, green and red dots present on the right side of the glucometer gives an indication of the result as follows:

  • Blue dots: Indicates that glucose values are above normal range
  • Green dots: Indicates that glucose values are in normal range
  • Red dots: Indicates that glucose values are below normal range

Specifications of Accu -Check Instant S Meter:

  • Meter storage conditions: Temperature range is 25° C to +70° C (39° F to 113° F)
  • Memory capacity: The meter automatically stores at least 720 blood glucose results in memory, but only the last blood glucose result and 7, 30, and 90-day averages can be viewed on the meter. To view stored blood glucose results, transfer them to Accu-Chek Connect Online diabetes management.
  • Automatic off: 90 seconds after performing a test, 15 seconds after test strip is removed, or 5 seconds from the last test result screen.

Accusure Blood Pressure Machine with USB Port - Get accurate results at your convenience! 

High blood pressure if not treated, can be deadly and can cause hypertension. It's recommended to check your blood pressure regularly but with a fast-paced lifestyle, many people choose to ignore the signs or don't have the time to visit a clinic to get their BP checked. Now track you track your bp in the comfort of your own home! 

Product Description:

This automatic blood pressure measuring monitor can show pulse frequency along with systolic and diastolic measurements. Taking the initiative to check your BP regularly I'd the first step towards a healthy life. Clinically tested, this device offers an accurate reading that will help you to treat it before it's too late or causes a long-term effect on your health. 

Key Features:

  • Accurate blood pressure reading wherever you want and whenever you want: Say goodbye to regular clinic visits! Get the precise details of your bp at the convenience of your home. The portable design makes it easy to be carried around wherever you want.
  • Offers simultaneous measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure: The number at the top of the digital board is called systolic blood pressure and the one below is called diastolic blood pressure. A normal systolic reading is below 120. If it exceeds 130, then it means you have high blood pressure and if it shoots up to 140 and more then you hypertensive crisis which is a medical emergency. For diastolic, normal reading will be below 80. (In many cases, you can have high blood pressure even if this number is below 80 and the systolic reading exceeds 130.) A systolic reading above 80 means you have hypertension.

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