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Dispovan Single Use 1ml Syringes with Needle (Luer Mount)

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Key Highlights:
Luer Mount Syringe
Colored Plunger
The use of a special piston makes the Dispovan Single-use syringe even more special.
The inert Piston minimizes chances of leakage over the complete 5 years shelf life of the product.
Before use check the integrity of tamper proof heat-stacked sealing where the end-caps and
barrel meet (multi pack).
Twist off the bottom cap and the needle cover to expose the plunger
and the needle respectively.
Pull straight off to avoid damaging needle point
Prevent the spread of blood-borne infections and illnesses.
Can be mass-produced, allowing greater accessibility and easy availability.
Do not require cleaning or sharpening, leading to low-maintenance costs.
Affordable and widely available.
Safe for the environment as the risk of accidental contamination during the disposal process is greatly reduced.
Do not share syringes to avoid cross contamination.
Do not attempt to re-sterilize or reuse.

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