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Disinfectant Fogging Machine and Odinizer Environment Hygiene Solution for Fogging Machine (5 Litre) Combo by Dr Odin

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Key Features :

Portable : Portable Sanitizer Fogging Machine is ideal for Homes, Offices, Car, Truck, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, hotels, Banks, Courier Services, etc.

Powerful Heating Core :Using 1500W high-power heating core voltage stabilizing control system, powerful oil pump, dense smoke, good disinfection effect

Versatile : Light weight and portable, easy to handle and use.Can be used indoor and outdoor.

Safe : Odinizer is mild & Safe, Fast Acting & Powerful, Antibacterial & Antiviral, Home & Personal Hygiene Product.Multi-Use Product for Misting, Fogging & Spraying.

Wide Application : Real Proven 99% Germ Kill which protects against 100's of Disease-Causing Germs.It is a Fogging Solution which is helpful in disinfecting against Germs, Virus, Fungus & mild present in the environment.

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