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Digital Video HD Colposcope

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The Digital Video HD Colposcope is a powerful tool for gynecological examinations. Its 1-40X zoom range allows detailed inspections. It has dual video output, and an optional gamma processor enhances image quality. It captures images and records videos in BMP and AVI formats.

  • Gamma Processor (optional)
  • Continuous Zoom: 1-40X zoom range
  • 2-Video Output: output can be taken on two different video monitor
  • Gamma Processor (optional)
  • Simultaneous Image Capture & Video Recording in BMP & AVI Formats

Key Specifications:

Zoom Range: 1-40X

The zoom range provides flexibility to examine various aspects of the cervix, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

Dual Video Output

Dual output allows the simultaneous display on two monitors, enabling real-time collaboration or teaching during examinations.

Gamma Processor (optional)

The gamma processor improves image contrast and quality, aiding in better visualization of cervical conditions.

HD Imaging

High-definition imaging ensures clear and precise examination results, vital in gynecological diagnostics.

Image & Video Capture

Captured images and recorded videos can be stored for documentation and patient records, improving clinical follow-up.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the primary use of a colposcope?

A: A colposcope is primarily used for detailed examination of the cervix, vagina, and vulva to detect abnormalities or changes in tissue.

Q: How does the zoom feature benefit gynecologists?

A: The zoom range (1-40X) allows gynecologists to magnify and inspect minute details, aiding in early detection and precise diagnosis of cervical conditions.

Q: Can the Digital Video HD Colposcope be connected to multiple monitors simultaneously?

A: Yes, it offers dual video output, allowing simultaneous display on two different monitors, which can be beneficial for consultations, teaching, or collaborative assessments.

Q: What is the role of the optional gamma processor?

A: The gamma processor enhances image quality by adjusting contrast and brightness, resulting in clearer visuals during examinations.

Q: How are images and videos captured and stored?

A: The colposcope has the capability to capture images and record videos in BMP and AVI formats, which can be saved for documentation, research, and patient records.

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