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Digital Thermometer

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Often we ignore fevers and allow them to go undocumented or incorrectly documented because of the lack of amenity to do so. The thermometers either are not precise enough to measure accurately, or handy enough to be used regularly. The Digital Thermometer Rigid MT101 From Dr. Odin,solves these problems. This is the ideal thermometer used to measure a baby’s body temperature with ease. It can be utilised by adults as well, and their specific markers while measurement help making the process of measurement really easy. This new digital thermometer is very easy to use and easier to interpret, but most importantly, is very accurate about its reading.

Product Description:

The thermometer is a small, yet effective product used for measuring baby temperature by oral, armpit, and rectal use. It makes a 10-second beep once the flashing stops. It has an auto-off function as well, called Fever Alarm Auto Power Off Instant Result in 20 seconds, both for celsius and fahrenheit temperature. The reading can be made much faster,and easier. What makes this thermometer much advanced compared to its contemporaries is its rigid structure, especially the tip. If there is any break in the body of the thermometer, there is a break signal which gets activated.

Key Features:

  • More Efficient: The temperature can be recorded with accuracy and precision, and the response is very quick. There is a 10 second beep on flashing as well.
  • Auto Shut Off: The auto shut off feature is present, as there is a Fever Alarm Auto Power Off. It causes an instant result in 20 seconds, both for celsius and fahrenheit temperature.
  • Better Packaging:  The packaging is extremely ergonomic consisting of  a rigid tip and break signal activated.
  • Two Scales For Measurement: The temperature is visible in both celsius and fahrenheit scales.

DrOdin MT101 is the best digital thermometer online with the most accurate baby thermometer available for oral, rectal and armpit use. The precision is accurate and is easy for adults and kids to use, with a 10-second beep sound when flashing stops. With our best Digital Thermometer, you can feel total peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most accurate temperature readings for your whole family. Fever Alarm Auto Power Off Instant result in 20 seconds °C and °F Temperature

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