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Diamond TRDG 511 Automatic Electronic Tourniquet Single Cuff Autoclavable

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Ensure precise and automated pressure control during medical procedures with the Diamond TRDG 511 Tourniquet. Portable, programmable, and featuring a sleek design, it offers reliability and flexibility for diverse operational needs.

Automatic Pressure Maintenance: Ensures consistent cuff pressure.
Adjustable Settings: Modify start delay and duration as needed.
Built-in Battery Charging: Convenient recharging with power cord.
Pressure Alteration: Adjust cuff pressure settings during operation.
Manual Override: Allows manual deflation during programmed timing.

Long, Straight Tubing: Equipped with secure, positive-locking connectors.
Sophisticated Alarms: Offers precise and timely warning messages.
Programmable for Versatility: Tailor settings for varied operational requirements.
Elapsed Time Display: Real-time tracking in min:sec format.
Portable Design: Battery-powered for on-the-go use.

Frequently Asked Question:
Q: Can cuff pressure be changed mid-operation?
A: Yes, the device allows adjustment during the procedure.

Q: Is it suitable for post-operative use?
A: Absolutely, the portable design facilitates post-operative usage.

Q: What is the pressure range?
A: The cuff pressure can be set between 100 to 500 mm of Hg.

Q: Does it retain settings after power-off?
A: Yes, the last setting remains in memory for convenience.

Q: How is manual deflation managed?
A: The device has a manual override for cuff deflation during programmed timing.
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Brand NameDiamond
Address of entityIndustrial Electronic & Allied Products Address : 34, Electronic Co-op Estate, Pune- Satara Road, Pune - 411 009 Maharashtra, India
India Helpline Number020-4106 5600
Country of OriginIndia

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