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Dia Cool Insulin Carrying Pack

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Dia Cool Insulin Carrying Pack keeps insulin cool upto 6 to 8 hours depending on outside temperature. It has special pocket for syringes and alcohol swabs.

How it works 

The wallet has 2 removable non-toxic water based gel filled panels in the sides of the bag. These panels can also be used for cold therapy if needed. When needed for travel just insert the panels in the insulin bag and fill with your medication, close the easy to use zipper and go!

Slim Compact Size

This light clutch-size injectable travel bag fits ergonomically in one hand so easy to throw in a purse, school/gym bag, briefcase or suitcase. The insulated bag is ideal for maintaining room temperature medication if cooling isn't required.

Convenient Organiser for travel

Contain all medical supplies in one place with internal straps for pens and vials, zipped pocket for syringes, wipes, consumables.


For any age to use and open effortlessly - seniors to kids. Made from durable material.

How to use

Freeze the panels in the freezer overnight for a minimum of 12 hours. Insert the frozen panels in the pouch, you are ready to travel with your temperature-sensitive medication and supplies on the road or in a plane. No mess and no need to worry about maintaining the coolness of your medication.

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