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Dental Elevator Set of 9

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Root Elevator instruments are used to luxate teeth, and this technique imparts forces to tooth particles that sever the periodontal ligament around tooth roots inside the socket and expand alveolar bone around tooth particles.

  • Elevators truly believe in the importance of tissue-preserving extractions. Especially in the field of implantology tissue preserving.
  • Can avoid complex bone augmentation.
  • Root elevators enable easy and comfortable tissue-preserving extraction of all teeth by.
  • Sharp working tips.
  • Thin working tips.
  • Ergonomic design.

No. of Instruments:

  • Flohr Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Flohr Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Flohr Root Elevators Standard -  1 Pc.
  • Cryer # Left Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Cryer # Right Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Coupland Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • London Hospital Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Cross-bar Elevator # Left Root Elevators Standard - 1 Pc.
  • Cross-bar Elevator # Right Root Elevators Standard  - 1 pc.


  • Nine Root Elevators: The set includes nine different root elevators with various shapes and sizes. This variety allows for the selection of the most suitable elevator based on the tooth's location, root configuration, and extraction requirements.
  • High-Quality Materials: The elevators are typically constructed from high-quality stainless steel. This material ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making them suitable for long-term use.
  • Ergonomic Design: The instruments feature ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise and controlled movements during extractions. This design minimizes hand fatigue during longer procedures.
  • Versatile Usage: The elevators are versatile and can be used for both routine and surgical extractions, including single-rooted and multi-rooted teeth. This comprehensive set covers a wide range of dental extraction scenarios.
  • Minimized Trauma: The elevators are designed to minimize trauma during tooth elevation. They allow for gentle and efficient tooth loosening, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Constructed from stainless steel, the elevators are easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring aseptic conditions in the dental operatory.
  • Professional-Grade: Eva is a reputable dental equipment manufacturer known for producing high-quality instruments that are trusted by dental professionals worldwide.
  • Protective Pouch: The elevators are typically supplied in a protective pouch or case, ensuring safe storage and easy access, which helps maintain instrument integrity.

Dental Elevator Set of 9 FAQ:

Q: What is a Dental Elevator Set?

A: A Dental Elevator Set is a set of dental instruments used for tooth extraction procedures.

Q: How many pieces are in this kit?

A: This kit contains 9 pieces.

Q: What is the material of this set?

A: The Dental Elevator Set of 9 is made up of high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, which is known for its strength and durability.

Q: Are the forceps beaks sharp?

A: Yes, the forceps beaks are sharp, which helps in promoting effortless tooth extraction.

Q: Is it easy to identify each instrument in this set?

A: Yes, this set comes with easy nomenclature for identification, making it easy to identify each instrument.

Q: Are the handles tight-grasping?

A: Yes, the handles of the instruments in this set are tight-grasping, which provides a secure and comfortable grip during use.

Q: Is this set corrosion-resistant?

A: Yes, this Dental Elevator Set of 9 is corrosion-resistant, which ensures that the instruments last for a long time without deteriorating in quality.

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