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Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Body Massager Gun with 6-speed, for Pain and Stress Relief with 4 Massage Head

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Sore? Tired? Have a stubborn muscle strain? Muscular problems? Can't visit your massage therapist? Go ahead and buy the all-new Handheld Massage Gun, your perfect massager-friend! This device works very quietly, with the help of its brushless motor, is durable, has adjustable speeds, and accurate percussion so you can use it whenever, wherever for instantaneous recovery and deep relaxing massage. Time to ditch your expensive spa specialists and massage therapists and head straight for our premium massaging device! 

Whether you are a sports player, an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a regular person looking to be fit, prone to muscular injuries, a proper regular massage is a must! Our handy electric massage gun is going to come to your rescue and give you the best massage of your life, as well as relieve you from all your stress and aid in your recovery! It is a proven fact that a one hour massage is equivalent to a 7-8 hours' worth of good sleep. This product amps up the massage game as it uses percussive stimulation to improve your muscle tone and balance, thus alleviating all your physical stress and any tightness. Another fact is that percussion massage also improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery! Leading a healthy lifestyle has never been so easy! 

Key Features:

Percussive Stimulation Technique: This electric massager uses the technique of percussive stimulation to apply localized pressure and pulses to relieve you of your pain, muscular tension, stress to work out the knots in your muscles and improve blood flow. 

Variable Speeds: This massager has a total of 3 speeds available so you can easily switch the percussion-per-minute as per your choice and comfort.

Noiseless Smooth Massaging: This product has a brushless high-torque motor that simply glides with more-or-less nil noise. The working noise of the massager is only 35 to 55 decibels! 

Durable Battery Life: The massage gun has a long battery life so you can keep using it, reaping the benefits of a deep percussion massage. It can work on upto 3 hours of massage per a single charging period! 

Anti-Drop Body: The massage gun's outer body is made with glass fiber and Nylon 66 which stays put and doesn't break upon impact!

Injury Protection: Handheld Massage Gun automatically turns off within 10 minutes of use to protect you from any injury th

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