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Deaver Retractor 1.5 inch Surgical Instrument

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The Deaver's Retractor is a hand-held retractor, made of stainless steel with a curved retractable blade and a flat handle.  It is used to keep the abdominal wall in place during abdominal or thoracic surgeries. It can also be utilised to transport or keep organs away from the surgical site. 

The width of the retracting blade is the same as the width of the handle. The handle is slightly curved to prevent the hand clutching the retractor from slipping.

The Deaver retractor resembles a question mark and has a thin, flat blade.


Deaver Retractor
1.5 Inches
Hand Held Retractor
Suitable For
MaterialStainless Steel
3.81 cm
S Shape
Finish Type
Dull Finish

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