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Davis Boyle Mouth Gag with 5 Blade

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The Davis-Boyle Mouth Gag is an essential instrument for dentists, ENT specialists, and maxillofacial surgeons. It is meticulously designed to separate the upper and lower dental arches, providing an unobstructed and enhanced view of both the oral cavity and the throat, ensuring precision during surgical procedures.

No. of Instruments:

  • Incisor Claws - 5 Pc.
  • Rail Handle - 1 Pc.


  • Purpose: The Davis-Boyle Mouth Gag is primarily engineered to widen the mouth opening, ensuring maximum visibility while safeguarding the temporomandibular joint from potential damage.
  • U-Shaped Frame: The U-shaped frame of the instrument guarantees an exceptional aperture of the mouth, facilitating maximum oral exposure during surgeries.
  • Incisor Claws: The upper rail of the frame is equipped with two sliding incisor claws, designed to securely grip the teeth of the superior dental arch, ensuring stability during procedures.
  • Rail Handle: The device boasts a lower handle with a ratcheted rail, specifically designed for the insertion of tongue depressors. The serrated clamp on the handle can be pressed to effortlessly unlock the rail, offering flexibility and ease of use.
  • Material & Finish: Manufactured with premium grade stainless steel, the Davis-Boyle Mouth Gag with 5 Blade is not only durable but also comes with a fine satin finish, effectively reducing glare during surgeries.
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