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Cytobrush (Pack of 50)

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A cytobrush is a device which is mostly used at the doctor’s clinic and hospital for numerous reasons. From screening cervical smears, to collecting endocervical cells and sampling the uterine cervix, to diagnosing the cervical lesions, the cytobrush is needed at every step. Cytobrush sampling is one of the most practiced activities on women with gynecological problems. The Cytobrush cell collector is brilliant for women approaching menopause, or for collecting cells at conzation. This soft brush collects a lot of cells at a go and can easily transfer them to slides for further examinations.

Key Features :-

  • The Cytobrush is compilation of a wooden spatula, a brush, cotton applicator and a glass slide.
  • This product will simplify the process of getting cervical PAP smear sample.
  • Easy and safe for usage, this product causes no harm or pain to the user.

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