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People suffering from sleep apnea, have ti use CPAP or BIPAP machines, attached with a mask. Some of these masks require a head strap to be properly attached and keep the mouth closed. Since, in spite of using the masks, many users complain of snoring and breathing problems, as they have trouble keeping their mouths closed. It thus may be a good idea to invest in a head strap that’s comfortable, adjustable and lets you enjoy a good nights’ sleep.

Key features:
a) Soft edge headgear design: Hard and uncomfortable head straps do not serve the purpose of buying them at all. However, this head strap has soft edges, which does not compromise on the comfort level, while also being perfectly functional.
b) Comfortable for Face & Head: This head strap has been made with the comfort of the user in mind, and thus provides excellent support.
c) Standard Fitment: This CPAP/BIPAP head strap comes with the standard fitment, thus ensuring that people with varying head sizes can use it without any problem at all.

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