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Cotton Bandages Woven Fabricated

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Bandage is a thin, woven fabric material that is placed over a wound to keep it clean while allowing air to penetrate and promote healing. It can be used to secure a dressing in place, or it can be used directly on a wound. These bandages are the most common type and are available in many sizes. Uses Supports joints and ligaments after mild strain or a minor surgery. Provides preventative ankle-strapping for sport. Product Specification and Features: They are good for hard to reach areas that may be difficult to dress When using a roll, the end is pulled out and placed over a piece of wound dressing, such as a medicated pad of cotton Bandage is then wrapped around the location of the wound The ends of the bandage can be tied together or a piece of bandage tape can be used to secure them and keep the material in place The bandage can be wrapped and tied tightly when compression is needed to control First aid bandage is a non-adhesive bandage and provides compressive post-surgery or light orthopedic support First aid bandage can be used by any age group This bandage has non-fray edges and is extremely soft, which improves comfort and protection First aid bandage is a cotton bandage that offers light support performance including stretch and regain It is made out of 100% high twist cotton and rayon yarns Color - White

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