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Coccyx Gel Cushion for Coccydania Tail Bone Sciatica Back Pain Releif by Viaggi

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Viaggi Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Gel Seat Cushion is specially designed to help reduce pressure on the injured tailbone or coccyx due to long sitting hours and reduce back pain.

Key Benefits:

  • Gel Coccyx cushion allows you to sit comfortably.
  • Gel provides cooling effect and extra comfort for long seating.
  • U shape or Doughnut shape design relieves the pressure of the tail bone thus reducing pain.
  • Coccyx cushion helps reducing numbness and pressure as pressure over the nerves reduces.
  • Fits easily in office chairs, cars, home or air travel.
  • Act as posture corrector and helps in achieving proper spinal alignment.
  • Coccyx cushion increase blood circulation to the lower spine.

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