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Cervical TENS Portable and Wireless Machine

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Most adults suffer from neck pain due to medical conditions like spondylitis, keeping bad posture at work, or due to overworking. Neck pain is highly uncomfortable and even debilitating at times. A good massage to relieve intense neck and shoulder pain after a hard day at work is something so many people desire. Here's where our Cervical massager comes in. Sending electrical impulses relieves pain and soreness, allowing you a good night's sleep.

Electric neck massager uses TENS technology to help relieve neck soreness and pain. This is coupled with heating functionality with thermostatic hot compress. This leads to the improvement of blood circulation, and overall quality of life. TENS technology sends electrical impulses through the skin that initiates painkilling action as your body's natural response. It also releases endorphins that make you feel good and improves sleep quality. 

The product is also very easy to use. Simply wear the massager around your neck and press the start button on the remote. There are three modes of massaging, including Relaxation, Vitality, and Auto with 10 levels of intensity. If you wish to further intensify the experience, wet the neck where the two metal pads come in contact before use.

Key Features:

Levels of control: The product comes with three modes of massaging, including Relaxation, Vitality, and Auto. Each one has 10 different levels of intensity, to give you precise control over your massage experience.

Ergonomic design: This is designed for ease of use and the shape of the product makes it comfortable to wear for everyday use. The size and beautiful design make it great for travel or at the office.

TENS technology: Unlike traditional massagers, this product uses TENS technology that uses the body's own painkillers to relieve pain, instead of artificial vibration. Thus, it is not only more natural but also more effective.


Do not use product with medical electronic device such as a heart pacemaker

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